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“You should see the children’s faces when they saw the book!!!!!”
- Agnes Jalandoni, Welcome Home Foundation, a school for the deaf

“This beautifully illustrated children’s book carries a message for any age group. While it will exhort the young toward maturity, it will challenge the mature to become as little children.”
- Charlotte Cosden , Conference Speaker & Talk Show Host on AM 740 WVCH Radio http://www.preciouscornerstone.com/teachingtruthministries

“In this adventurous fiction aimed at children 6 to 9 years old, a young prince wanders through numerous kingdoms until he finds the greatest king. Unlike others, the real hero, Jesus Christ, excels in humility and love. An easy read illustrated with modern pictures”
- Catholic Insight – A Magazine for Canada and the Universal Church

“A wonderful book featuring fun illustrations … makes a difficult topic for a child to grasp … every elementary school should have it!”
- Connections Magazine

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