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"Curious children will be drawn to the colorful and attractive hard cover book that holds the story of "THE GREATEST KING". Adults who pick the book up to read it to the younger ones will discover a story that touches their hearts, too. Filled with illustrations that seem to come to life, this story reaches out across cultural boundaries with excitement and expectation.

Everyone can relate to the search for meaning and truth in life. "THE GREATEST KING", in an entertaining way that even small children can understand, teaches that true strength of character is not found in being the strongest or best. It is found in the example of the life of Jesus Christ.

Jerry Ching and Mike Onghai explain the timeless story of " THE GREATEST KING" through a wonderful showcase of their talent as graphic artist and computer engineer, respectively. They go from ancient to futuristic backgrounds with powerful images that communicate emotion, warmth and humor. Given previous experience in feature films such as Mulan, Tarzan and Casper, Ching and Onghai have come together to produce the type of high-quality product we expect from a major animation company. This time, however, they have made it complete with a life-changing message.

"THE GREATEST KING" is an excellent choice among today's children's books. It is a must-read, not just for kids, but also for those of us who need to remember that to inherit the kingdom of god, we must receive it like a little child."
- Copellia Gandara, THE ROCK Radio Network

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